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Lane joins LSU Law as Assistant Director of Continuing Legal Education

Michael Lane has joined LSU Law as Assistant Director of Continuing Legal Education, where he will be responsible for the coordination and successful implementation of CLE events.

As an LSU doctoral candidate with over 10 years of experience in instruction and curriculum design, Lane has become well acquainted with the classroom setting both as a student and a teacher. Lane hopes to use his editorial and event management experience to bridge the gap between reliable, dynamic products and the classroom experience.

“After ten years in education, I’m excited to experience new challenges and opportunities at the Law Center,” Lane said. “The Law Center community has given a warm welcome and proven an enjoyable work environment. I’m thrilled about this opportunity to help (LSU Law Continuing Professional Development Director) Scott Harrington to improve and expand our CLE offerings.”

Prior to joining LSU Law, Lane served as a history professor at St. Joseph’s Abbey and Seminary College and later taught theology and English at the high school level. Most recently, he served on the executive board of the Men of Immaculata as the Executive Administrative Assistant.

Lane earned his bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Baylor University, his master’s degree in history from LSU, and he is currently completing his doctorate in history at LSU.