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LSU Law students’ article published in the ‘Louisiana Bar Journal’

Broussard and WareThird-year LSU Law students Caroline Broussard and Justine Ware are co-authors of “Mediation Breaks into Prison,” which is featured in the October/November issue of the Louisiana Bar Journal.

Broussard and Ware wrote the article under the supervision of Clinical Adjunct Professor Paul Breaux while they were in the Civil Mediation Clinic in the spring semester. Breaux serves on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Council of the Louisiana State Bar Association, which publishes the journal. In his role with the bar association, Breaux offers students in the Civil Mediation Clinic the opportunity to publish an article on ADR in the Recent Developments section of the journal.

“When we submitted the article, the publishers decided to make it a mini-feature as opposed to it appearing in the Recent Developments section of the journal, which is testament to the excellent job Caroline and Justine did in writing it,” Breaux said. “Caroline and Justine are diligent students and excellent writers, which made my role of supervising and editing the article very easy.”

“Mediation Breaks into Prison” focuses on the efforts of the Re-Entry Mediation Institute of Louisiana (REMILA) to reduce Louisiana’s high incarceration and recidivism rates by improving incarcerated persons’ transition back into the home and community through mediation. Founded in 2018, REMILA is training formerly incarcerated people as well as the loved ones of currently and formerly incarcerated people to serve as mediators.

A native of Thibodaux, Broussard earned her undergraduate degree in business administration from Nicholls State University. She is a member of the Public Interest Law Society and a LexisNexis student representative. Born and raised in Lake Charles, Ware earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is a senior editor of the Louisiana Law Review and she has also served as a board member of the Public Interest Law Society.

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