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LSU Law professor named ABA ‘Fearless Children’s Lawyer of the Month’

Professor Jack Harrison

Professor Jack Harrison

Jack Harrison, a longtime LSU Law Clinical Adjunct Professor who was recently appointed to a full-time teaching position in the clinical legal education program, has been named the “Fearless Children’s Lawyer of the Month” by the American Bar Association.

The monthly award series recognizes and celebrates “work from advocacy that results in a system wide change to advocacy that improved the life of one child client.” Harrison, who is teaching the Juvenile Defense Clinic this fall, served as an adjunct professor since 2009. Prior to his recent appointment at LSU Law, he spent 14 years as a juvenile defender for the East Baton Rouge Office of the Public Defender. He earned his J.D./B.C.L. from LSU Law in 2004.

“One of Jack’s proudest moments as a lawyer was an excellent example of client-centered advocacy,” reads an ABA profile of Harrison. “Jack’s client was at risk of transfer into adult court. Although Jack thought his case and upcoming hearing would have benefited from more preparation time, his client’s priority was to get out so that he would be able to walk the stage in his high school graduation. Knowing his client had understood the risks of going forward, they forged ahead, and he was out and on stage to graduate. Listening to his client and what was important for him and elevating that over his ‘lawyer need’ was a great lesson for Jack.”

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