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LSU Law students participate in ‘pilot mock trial’ with Judge deGravelles

Eight LSU Law students played the roles of lawyers and witnesses in a “pilot mock trial” on April 20 with United States District Judge John deGravelles of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana to help with the development of a prototype for handling a full virtual jury trial in federal court in the future.

The day-long, full virtual trial included voir dire, openings, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, evidence, closings, deliberations by a jury selected by Judge deGravelles, and a verdict. Judge deGravelles held the virtual trial to troubleshoot potential technical problems before he engages in a real virtual jury trial. LSU Law students participating included:

  • Joey Dronet and Jeremy Carter; lawyers for the plaintiff
  • Michael Sewell and Jim Perilloux; lawyers for the defendant
  • Emma Looney, Cassie Smith, Patrick Riley, and Falcon Mire; witnesses