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‘Louisiana Law Review,’ ‘Journal of Energy Law and Resources’ announce publication selections

LSU Law’s student-edited legal journals—Louisiana Law Review and the Journal of Energy Law and Resources—have announced the articles they will publish in upcoming volumes.

The Louisiana Law Review Volume 80 Board of Editors says the decision process for the Junior Associates selected for publication in Volume 81 was extremely difficult because of the number of well-written student pieces.

Likewise, The Journal of Energy Law and Resources Volume VIII Editorial Board says the limited number of spots for publication in Volume IX, along with the high volume of excellent papers from Junior Associates, made the publication decision process very challenging.

Here are the students and articles selected for publication:

Louisiana Law Review

  • Andrew Crayden – A Modern-Day Gold-Rush: Applying Property Principles to Data Using Mineral Rights Concepts and the Rule of Capture
  • Kendall Dicke – Wait or Discriminate? Implications of Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Thomas on the Alcohol Market
  • Braxton Duhon – To Impute or Not to Impute: Independent Insurance Adjuster Liability in Louisiana
  • John Frey – Striving for Simplicity: Updates to Regulation S-K Items 101, 103, and 105
  • Katherine Fruge – Removing the Risk from Risk Allocation: Reforming Louisiana’s Oilfield Anti-Indemnity Act
  • Danielle Grote – Strangers in a Strange Land: Problems with the Recent Influx of ICE Detainees into Louisiana, and What to Do About It
  • Emily Hickman – Proceed with Caution: Readjusting the Procedural Requirements for Prenuptial Agreements Post Acurio v. Acurio
  • Addison Hollis – A Wanted Opioid Addiction Challenge: How Should Louisiana Allocate Opioid Litigation Proceeds?
  • Elyce Ieyoub – I Declare Bankruptcy! Clearing the Jurisdictional Bar on Social Security Claims in Bankruptcy Courts
  • Andrew Jarreau – Free Money: Louisiana’s Collateral Source Rule—a Mode of Excessive Recovery
  • David Judd – Disentangling DeVries: A Manufacturer’s Duty to Warn Against the Dangers of Third-Party Products
  • Ben Parks – Let it All in? Expert Witness Qualification in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Hayden Presley – A Universal Problem: The Universal Injunction
  • Luke St. Germain – Context is Key, Limits are Crucial: Understanding the Scope of Implied Rights of Action for Rescission of Investment Contracts Under the Investment Company Act of 1940
  • Laura Tracy – Presumption Junction, What’s that Function: Louisiana Marriage and Parenthood Laws Post-Obergefell
  • Brittany Williams – The Underbelly of the Criminal Justice System: A Critique and Proposed Reforms of Parole Hearings in Louisiana

Journal of Energy Law and Resources

  • Ashleigh Adams – Cleaning-Up The Past: Abuse of the Citizen Suit Provision in order to Circumvent the Prescriptive Period of Legacy Litigation
  • Brianne Bennett – Flip or Flop: Proper Determination for the Valuation of Disaster Damaged Property in a Changing Climate
  • Anne Boudreaux – Throw Me Something Else, Mister: A Solution to the Harmful Effects of Mardi Gras Bead Pollution
  • Mitchell Knight Edwards – Sever the Severance Tax: Louisiana’s Severance Tax on Crude Oil Production
  • Rachel Hart – Shifting the Burden of Plastic Bags: A Proposal for a Federal Extended Producer Responsibility Law
  • Sebastien Jongbloets – Pipe Down: Examining the Speech-Suppressing Effect of Critical Infrastructure Statutes
  • Jay Knighton – Critical Decisions: The Challenge of Defining Critical Habitat Under the Endangered Species Act
  • Alex LeJeune – Freedom to Alienate as the Freedom to Negotiate: Severability of Mineral Rights Under Louisiana’s Civilian Property System
  • Eric Morvant – Consider Giving Us a Fracking Chance: An Attempt to Define the Language in Louisiana Revised Statutes § 33:109.1 to Eradicate Statutory Ambiguity and Impose Accountability
  • Kaleigh Rooney – Time to Get Smart, Louisiana: Addressing Regulation of Smart Meter Data