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Your Gifts at Work: Hailey Manint

Hailey Manint

Second-year LSU Law student Hailey Manint

Second-year LSU Law student Hailey Manint is passionate about helping those around her. She’s an active member of the Public Interest Law Society, serving as the Career and Fellowship Board Chair, and she likes to spend her free time doing pro bono work.

She’s serving as a criminal law student tutor this year, she’ll be participating in the Juvenile Defense Clinic next semester, and after graduation she’s hoping to use her law degree to pursue a career in public interest law.

“My dream job would be to work for the ACLU doing civil impact litigation,” says the Baton Rouge native and Baton Rouge Magnet High School graduate who earned a BA in English Literature at LSU in 2018. “I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

It’s a virtuous desire, especially considering how much less money Manint stands to earn in a public interest law career, as opposed to pursuing private practice. That’s why scholarships are so important to Manint, who is benefitting from four endowed scholarships this year.

“Not having to be under the weight of crippling student loan debt when I graduate will allow me to take a job in public interest law and build my career at my own pace, as opposed to taking a job I’m not passionate about just to pay off my debt quicker. So, the scholarships are really a blessing.”

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