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LSU Law chapter of American Constitution Society named ‘Student Chapter of the Week’

LSU ACS Chapter executive board members with LSU Professor John Devlin

LSU Law chapter of American Constitution Society executive board members with faculty advisor LSU Professor John Devlin.

The American Constitution Society has named the LSU Law chapter its “Student Chapter of the Week.”

In honoring the LSU Law chapter, ACS cites its impressive lineup of events thus far this year. Among them, the LSU Law chapter has hosted a guest speaker from local non-profit Voice of the Experience (VOTE), which advocates for the rights of formerly incarcerated people. To mark Constitution Day, it taught a lesson on the First Amendment and separation of powers to high school students at LSU University Laboratory School. The chapter also continued to partner with advocacy groups by co-hosting a bake sale with the LSU Veteran’s Advocacy Club, OutLaw, and the SBA’s Diversity and Professionalism Committee to support transgender military members.

The LSU Law chapter has also helped to facilitate two important career discussions through its “Food for Thought” program, which featured guest speaker LSU Law Professor Pedro Gerson on the topic of public interest lawyering, and the “Empathetic Lawyering and Self Care” event. It also launched the “Where’s the Nuance?” series, which continues this semester. The series is a student-led discussion series that provides space for the chapter to discuss a broad range of topics, from gun control to impeachment.

This marks the second year the LSU Law chapter has been recognized with the ACS “Student Chapter of the Week” honor.

Founded in 2001, ACS is a progressive legal organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., that promotes and facilitates discussion and debate of progressive public policy ideas and issues, providing forums for legal scholars, lawmakers, judges, lawyers, public policy advocates, law students and members of the media. ACS reports that it has approximately 200 law school student chapters and 40 lawyer chapters around the country. It was created as a counterweight to, and is modeled after, the Federalist Society, and is often described as its progressive counterpart. ACS has more details on the LSU Law chapter’s “Student Chapter of the Week” honor.

LSU Law ACS Student Chapter executive board members and members include:

President: Candace Square

Vice President: Anthony McDonald

Director of Programming: McKenzie LeMaire

Director of Communications: James Taylor

Historian: Jasmine Cole

Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Kaylin Jolivette

1L Reps: Kennedy Beal and Quin Andrus

2L Rep: Corrine Gamble

3L Rep: Brittney Esie

Faculty Advisor: Professor John Devlin

Members: Adam Laliberte, Amanda Marshall, Ashlyn Esterly, Beatriz Appelkvist, Brittney Reed, Chala Jackson, Chase Woessner, Chris Wagner, Corinne Williams, Cynthia Davila, Danielle Grote, Emma Looney, Hannah Catchings, Jared Tregre, Kourtney Benton, Louis Deville, Nneka Okafor, Nigel Copeland, Raven Burnett, Samara Nwazojie, Sidney Weferling and Smith Albano