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LSU Law Thanks Volunteer Trial Ad Faculty for August 12 – 14 Program

Trial Advocacy 2019 LogoThe LSU Law Center would like to thank the faculty recruiting committee, section leaders and faculty members who are donating their time for the 2019 Trial Advocacy Program, Aug. 12 – 14.

The Trial Advocacy Program gives third-year LSU Law students a “learn by doing” education that simulates actual trial skills. Students learn and practice under the experienced eyes of the select seminar faculty. Students role play and receive critiques from some of the nation’s leading experts in courtroom practices during the intensive three-day program.

The program follows the methods pioneered by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and includes role playing, critique, videotaping of performances, videotape critique, lectures and demonstrations by the faculty. Students perform direct and cross examinations, argue motions, and conduct opening and closing remarks.

Thank you to the legal professionals from around the country who make this program possible:

Faculty Recruiting Committee

Vance Gibbs
Honorable Guy Holdridge
Frank Holthaus
Barbara Irwin
Catherine Maraist
Michael Patterson
Dean Sutherland
Edward Walters

Section Leaders

  • Kelsey Funes
  • Vance Gibbs
  • Honorable George Hanks
  • Honorable Guy Holdridge
  • Barbara Irwin
  • Honorable Danny Knowles
  • Catherine Maraist
  • Rock Palermo
  • Walt Sanchez
  • Dean Sutherland


  • Hal Adkins
  • Skeet Anseman
  • Honorable Richard Bourgeois
  • Kim Boyle
  • James Brown
  • Brian Capitelli
  • Honorable Marilyn Castle
  • Larry Centola, Jr.
  • Larry Centola, Sr.
  • Scotty Chabert
  • Hunter Chauvin
  • Honorable Scott Crichton
  • J. E. Cullens
  • Blake David
  • Honorable Shelly Dick
  • Marianne Wise Fletchinger
  • Scott Fruge
  • Jerry Glas
  • Walt Green
  • Honorable Piper Griffin
  • Honorable Richard Haik
  • Lexi Holinga
  • Frank Holthaus
  • Gary Koederitz
  • Amy Lambert
  • Keith Lapeze
  • Honorable Johnny Lee
  • Chip Marionneaux
  • Jerome Moroux
  • Adrian Nadeau
  • Amy Newsom
  • Honorable Brady O’Callaghan
  • David Ogwyn
  • Harry J. “Skip” Philips
  • Minor Pipes
  • Matthew Pryor
  • Randy Roussel
  • Ron Sholes
  • Pat Talley
  • Adam Thames
  • Abboud Thomas
  • Charles Thomas
  • Michael West
  • J.R. Whaley
  • Sharonda Williams