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Louisiana Law Review announces Junior Associates selected for publication in Volume 80

The Louisiana Law Review Volume 79 Board of Editors announced the Junior Associates selected for publication in Volume 80.

“Because we received many well-written student pieces this year, the decision process was very difficult,” said Brooke Bahlinger, Executive Senior Editor of Louisiana Law Review Volume 79. “Publication with the Louisiana Law Review is an incredible honor, and we congratulate those selected for publication.”

  • Luis Balart –  Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too: Using FRCP 53 Special Masters in Daubert Hearings to Encourage Scientific Analysis of Scientific Methodology
  • Will Bell –  Why Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 966(G) Creates Absurd Results Regarding A Defendant’s Right to Appeal Adverse Judgments
  • Monica Bergeron –  Second Place Isn’t Good Enough: Achieving True Reform through Expanded Parole Eligibility
  • Sam Boyer –  From Deepsouth to WesternGeco: How Narrow Loopholes in Patent Law Stem from Humble Beginnings and Continue to Mystify the Nation’s Highest Court
  • Hannah Catchings – Recategorizing Embryos in the 21st Century: A “Modern Family” Issue
  • Emily Gauthier – Let Louisiana’s Bastards Beat the Clock: It’s Time to Amend Article 197
  • Harrison Martin –  Please Hold Your Applause: How Clapper v. Amnesty International USA Deters Data Breach Litigants from Seeking a Judicial Remedy
  • Caroline McCaffrey – Fairly Exposed: A Proposal to Improve the Reasonableness Standard for Digital Forensic Searches at the Border
  • Elias Medina –  Recognizing the Need to Recognize: A Proposed Foreign Judgment Recognition Statute and a Procedure for Enforcement in Louisiana
  • Madeleine Morgan –  Rehabilitating Louisiana’s Lost Chance Doctrine: Burchfield v. Wright and the Need for Medical Expenses
  • Delery Perret –  An Unforeseen Problem: How Gertz Failed to Account for Modern Media and What to Do Now
  • Michael Schimpf –  Le Deuxieme Grand Derangement: Expelling Louisiana’s Taking of Private Property Through Article 450
  • Claire Schnell –  There Must be a Better Way: Analyzing Louisiana’s Sales Tax System in the Wake of South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc.
  • Steven Spires –  Misuse of the “Reasonably Anticipated Use” Standard in Louisiana Products Liability Act Jurisprudence
  • Cecilia Vazquez –  The Sharing Revolution: Changing Times Calls for Clarifying Tort Liability
  • Meredith Will –  Screeches from the Red Hen: Public Accommodations Laws and Political Affiliation Discrimination in the United States and Louisiana