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2019 Apprenticeship Week kicks off Jan. 7

The annual LSU Law Center Apprenticeship Week kicks off on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019. The week-long program offers a variety of mini-courses aimed at providing students with focused, task-oriented training not generally available in law school courses and usually available only through actual practice experience. Courses offered include many practical, hands-on topics that are taught by volunteer master lawyers and judges.

The one-hour credit program is offered free to participating students. Students devote the week of the program to thoughtful preparation for class and diligent completion of the individual and group projects assigned. To enhance the communal experience and provide networking opportunities for students, each day includes an all student/all faculty lunch and mid-morning coffee break.

Apprenticeship Week is the Quality Enhancement Plan for the Law Center’s SACSCOS Accreditation.

Courses offered in the 2019 Apprenticeship Week includeLawyering and the Legislative Process; Legal Issues in Assisted Reproductive Technology;  The Selection and Persuasion of Your Jury; Prosecuting and Defending Federal Criminal Trials; Managing the Personal Injury Case; Campaign Finance, Personal Financial Disclosure, and Governmental Ethics; #MeToo: From the Supreme Court to Hollywood: A Deep Dive into What this Really Mans for Practitioners; The Nuts and Bolts of Representing Health Care Providers; Wind Law, Regulation and Transactions; Serving the Public and the Profession; Negotiating and Defending a Sports Contract: An Overview of Legal Issues and Negotiations in the MLB Draft, Arbitration Process, and College Coaching Contracts; Exploring the Role of the Magistrate; and Strategies in Economic Development and Legal Practice Business Development.

Faculty biographies and additional information on Apprenticeship Week may be found at

Students and faculty are asked to report to the McKernan Auditorium at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 7. Student participants will meet the faculty at that time and receive instructions on the week’s activities. For information, contact Pam Hancock at