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LSU Law’s Myriam Escobar-Aarabi and Daphne James Honored with LSU Foundation Staff Outstanding Service Award

LSU Law Center’s Myriam Escobar-Aarabi and Daphne James were honored with the LSU Foundation Staff Outstanding Service Awards at a ceremony Dec. 3 in the Lod Cook Alumni Center. The awards recognize the superior work performance and outstanding contributions of full-time, non-academic staff employees of the LSU campus.

Two women hold up plaques and smile at the camera

Myriam Escobar-Aarabi and Daphne James

Escobar-Aarabi is the Business Manager for LSU Law and oversees the Publications Institute department for student materials.

“(She) is a master in juggling time-sensitive tasks. Whether jumping in to assist with new projects or anticipating and fulfilling needs without being asked, she regularly surpasses expectations,” LSU Law Dean Tom Galligan said in his recommendation for Escobar-Aarabi’s award. “She makes time with anyone who asks, exhibiting patience and kindness on every occasion.”

James is the Associate Director of Admission for LSU Law. She is actively involved in the recruitment of new students to the Law Center and the disbursement of scholarship money, managing a budget of several million dollars in the form of tuition waivers and scholarships.

“(Daphne) is the ultimate team player. She never fails to go above and beyond to benefit students, and always with a smile on her face,” Galligan said. “Several students have cited Daphne as the reason they chose the Law Center, and she maintains these important relationships long after graduation day.

“She has proactively increased her knowledge of admissions software and runs priceless insights into the admissions process. Her colleagues say she has a special talent for reading applications, helping to ensure that each new Law Center class is truly exceptional.”

Congratulations, Myriam and Daphne, from the LSU Law Center!