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LSU Law Board of Advocates announced for 2018-19

The LSU Law Board of Advocates announced the students selected for the board for the 2018-19 academic year.

The Board of Advocates is the Law Center’s student honor organization that promotes the development of oral and written persuasive advocacy skills. The Board of Advocates is the result of a merger of the Moot Court Board and Trial Advocacy Board. Students are selected to the Board of Advocates based on a holistic application that looks at a student’s success in the Law Center’s many different internal and external advocacy opportunities.

Given that the merger of the Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Boards happened in the middle of this academic year, the 2018-2019 Board consists of (1) students who were previously selected to the Moot Court Board due to success in the Tullis Moot Court Competition, (2) those 2L students who won other internal advocacy competitions, and (3) students who demonstrated success in advocacy skills via the new holistic application process. In future years, students will be selected solely based on the new holistic application.

The full 2018-2019 Board of Advocates is below. (Students with an asterisk next to their name were previously named to the Moot Court Board and are now converting to members of the Board of Advocates.)

  • Alderman, Christopher*
  • Algero, Nicholas
  • Anderson, Rachel*
  • Blosser, Kaylyn*
  • Caruso, Jordan
  • Chesne, Christopher
  • Cook, John*
  • Cunningham, Jacob*
  • Davis, Wesley
  • Delaune, Ashley*
  • Delaune, Brooke*
  • DiCharia, Justin
  • Ebolum, Natalie
  • Falcon, Briana*
  • Fowler, Aliyah
  • Fuselier, Conner
  • Gimber, Mary Kathryn*
  • Griffin, Alex*
  • Griffin, John
  • Guelzow, Chris
  • Hernandez, Milton*
  • Ingram, Mary Elizabeth*
  • Jennings, Grace
  • Johnson, Meagan
  • Kinchen, Danielle*
  • Kostruba, Michael
  • Lanier, Anne
  • McCain, Allena
  • Miller, Zachary*
  • Mullaney, Caitlin
  • Naquin, Thomas*
  • Norem, Richard
  • Pang, Brandon*
  • Parish, Emily
  • Price, Daniel*
  • Reed, Anna*
  • Reinhardt, Molly
  • Richards, Raechel*
  • Richardson, Mary Grace*
  • Roberts, Max
  • Sanil, Benoy
  • Scotton, David*
  • Sharedalal, Sohil
  • Simar, Jaylen
  • Smith, Clint*
  • Spears, Justin
  • Spriggins, Elysha
  • Toce, Andre
  • Townsley, Kyle*
  • Truxillo, Kyle
  • VanDehei, J. William*
  • Voelker, Patrick*
  • Voth, Leah*
  • Wick, Garret
  • Wilson, Marina