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LSU Journal of Energy Law & Resources Announces Junior Associate Articles Selected for Volume VII

The LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources recently announced the Junior Associate articles selected for publication in Volume VII.

LSU Law congratulates these students whose hard work and dedication to legal scholarship will be displayed in the Journal in the coming year:

  • Matthew Braquet:  American Can No Longer Afford to Kick the Can Down the Road: An Urgent Call to Save the United States from Nuclear Disposal 
  • Chris ChesneWorth Two in the Bush: A Discussion of and Solution to the Strict Liability Circuit Split under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
  • Wesley Davis: Dents in the Shield: Disunity Over the Application of the CWA’s Permit Shield Provision
  • Bret Guepet:  The Flow Must Go On: Why the Dakota Access Pipeline Should Remain Operational Amidst Pending Litigation 
  • Michael HeatonDistinguishing Bundles from Sticks: Determining Denominators in Regulatory Takings Cases Involving Severed Mineral Rights
  • Marianna Knister: Below C-Level: Louisiana’s Failure to Regulate Industrial Groundwater Withdrawal- Driven Subsidence
  • Brandon Pang: Doesn’t Look Like Anything to Me: Protecting Wetlands by Narrowing the Definition of “Waters of the United States”
  • Laura Pousson: The Battle Has Just Begun: A Monumental Issue of Implied Powers within the Antiquities Act of 1906
  • Emily Tastet: Stealing Beaches: A Law and Economics Policy Analysis of Sand Mining
  • Leah Catherine Voth: Why So Salty? A Comment Addressing Louisiana’s Attitude Toward Saltwater Pollution of an Aquifer