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Louisiana Law Review announces students who received offers for publication in Volume 79

The Volume 78 Board of Editors of the Louisiana Law Review recently announced the students who have received offers for publication in Volume 79 of the Louisiana Law Review.

LSU Law congratulates these authors for their hard work and outstanding contribution to academic scholarship.

  • Brooke Bahlinger: Overcoming the Surge: How Clark v. City of Seattle Highlights the Conflicts between Federal, State, and Local Labor Laws 
  • Hayden BigbyA Budgetary Life Raft: An Analysis of Louisiana’s State and Local Sales Tax 
  • Catherine BrileyMissing the Forest for the Weeds: Filling the Holes in Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Statutes to Protect Employees 
  • Christine ColwellPlaying for Pay or Playing to Play: Student-Athletes as Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Jourdan CuretAll Rape is Not Created Equal: A Cure For the Ambiguity of Consent in Louisiana’s Third Degree Rape Statute 
  • Sara DanielA Warranty Expired: Time to Rid Louisiana of Fitness for Ordinary Use 
  • Justin DiChariaA Costly Compliance Nightmare: Sex Offender Registration and Notification Costs to Indigent Offenders 
  • Bradley GuinLouisiana Revised Statutes Section 13:4522: Taking a Comparative Approach to Reform Louisiana’s Security for Court Costs Statute 
  • Christopher HandyNo Act of God Necessary: Expanding Beyond Louisiana’s Force Majeure Doctrine to Imprevision 
  • Milton “MJ” HernandezBailing Out Louisiana: The Feasibility of a Statewide Elimination of the Cash Bail Bond System, In Favor of Implementing a Risk Assessment Based System 
  • Thomas Naquin: Lagniappe Liability: Limiting Vicarious Liability of Employers for Punitive Damages in Louisiana 
  • Anna E. ReedFaith in Title VII: It’s a Matter of Belief 
  • Mary Grace RichardsonTraffic Tickets and the Public Defender: The Link and The Solution 
  • Josie SerigneDon’t Rock the Boat: Developing a Uniform System of Maritime Punitive Damages After Baker and Townsend