LSU Successions/Title Clearing clinic secures approximately $250,000 in Fall 2017 semester

Standing, from left: Bryce Robinson and Ryan Williams. Seated, from left: Julia Wilson, Torrie Lawson, and LSU Law Professor Elizabeth Carter.

The LSU Successions/Title Clearing clinic operates in collaboration with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) to provide free legal services to indigent clients.

Third-year law students, under the supervision of Professor Carter and Julia Wilson at SLLS, gain valuable experience in successions and estate planning work while helping actual clients clear title to their homes and plan for the orderly administration of their own estates in the future.

This fall, 3L students Torrie Lawson, Bryce Robinson, and Ryan Williams worked to secure approximately $250,000 in economic benefit for their clients—all of whom were affected by the August 2016 flooding. The students worked to help clients gain access to FEMA, Restore Louisiana, and other funds by doing the necessary legal work to help clients prove title to their homes. This work will, in turn, simplify transferring ownership of these homes to future generations and provide better resiliency in case of future disasters.