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LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources Celebrates Year with Annual Banquet


LSU Law students celebrated another successful year of the Louisiana State University Journal of Energy Law and Resources (JELR) with its annual banquet. The event served to recognize the current members of the Senior Editorial Board and mark the completion of the 2015-16 journal.

The banquet was held March 16 at Juban’s Restaurant, and Pat Ottinger (’73) gave the keynote address on mineral rights and their importance to the Louisiana economy.

Completing its fourth year of publication, The JELR is a student-edited academic journal based out of the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU that is committed to developing and promoting scholarship on a diverse variety of topics related to energy and environmental law. The JELR’s membership consists of second- and third-year students attending LSU Law, and invitation to join the membership is extended based on academic performance as well as students’ writing and editing abilities as tested through an annual write-on competition.

JERL2The 2015-16 Senior Editorial Board was led by Editor-in-Chief Charles Anzelmo, Managing Editor Marcus Adams, Senior Articles Editor Etienne Rene, Note and Comments Editor Polly Finley, Senior Production Editors Alex Aughtry and Daniel Alcanzarem, and Senior Online Articles Editor Cody Grosshart. Morgan Druhan, Adam Joseph Boyer and Mary Margaret Peebles were Senior Editors and Colin O’Rourke, Tim Benedetto, Erwin Kristel, Nick Kunkel and Camille Walther serves as Senior Associates.

Ottinger is a partner in the firm of Ottinger Hebert, L.L.C. His profes­sional practice has been concentrated in the corporate and commercial area, with emphasis on oil and gas, financial transactions, real estate, eminent domain, mediation and arbi­tration, corporate and banking matters, as well as litigation in these areas. He serves as an Adjunct Professor at LSU Law Center where, since 1996, he has taught the course in Mineral Rights and an Oil and Gas Seminar. He is the author of the course materials titled “Ottinger, A Course Book on Louisiana Mineral Rights” (12th Rev. Ed., August 2011).