LSU Law Tops Bar Examination Results

LSU Law Center students achieved the state’s highest passage rate among all examinees on the latest Louisiana State Bar Exam, according to results released October 11 by the Committee on Bar Admissions of the Supreme Court of Louisiana.  The results are for test takers who sat for the statewide Bar examination in July 2013.

Of the LSU Law test takers, 70.18% successfully passed the exam.

LSU Law Center Chancellor Jack M. Weiss said, “I am pleased that LSU Law students once again achieved the highest pass rate on the Louisiana Bar Examination.  The Law Center’s success is a tribute to our wonderful students and gifted faculty.”

Chancellor Weiss also noted that the Law Center’s relative pass rate, the percentage of LSU Law students who passed compared to the total pass rate, was 1.32 – one of the highest in recent history.  Relative pass rate is the metric that is used by U.S. News and World Report for its ranking system, and for purposes of the Louisiana Grad Act in determining the law school’s tuition authority.

Bar passage is required before graduating law students may practice in Louisiana.  The results, released by the Committee on Bar Admissions, include the percentage of examinees passing the bar who graduated from the state’s public and private law schools and the percentage passing who graduated from out-of-state law schools.

For the complete report on Bar passage.

The results for all test takers are as follows:

 July 2013
School # Applicants Passed Passed Failed Failed
LSU 171 120 70.18% 51 29.82%
Loyola 203 115 56.65% 88 43.35%
Southern 154 53 34.42% 101 65.58%
Tulane 88 56 63.64% 32 36.36%
Other 147 63 42.86% 84 57.14%
Total 763 407 53.34% 356 46.66%