Preparing to Practice

Third-year LSU Law students returned to campus August 12-14, to practice and hone their trial advocacy skills with the assistance and expertise of legal professionals from across the country.  From direct and cross examination of a witness, to voir dire and making opening statements and closing arguments, law students received critiques from some of the nation’s leading experts in courtroom practices.

During the annual three-day program, participants act as trial counsel and simulate actual trial skills under the experienced eyes of the select seminar faculty.  The program follows the methods pioneered by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and includes role playing, videotape of performances, critique, lecture, and demonstrations by the faculty.

Those serving as 2013 team leaders included: Jude D. Bourque, Marion D. Floyd, Laura Gibson, Lisa Vaughn Lumley, Catherine Maraist (’98), Lisa Marcy, Laurence Rose, Walter Sanchez (’84), Dean Sutherland (‘75), Melanie Talia, and the Honorable Christopher Whitten.

The following served as faculty members: Katherine Herndon Barton, G. Karl Bernard, Henry M. Bernstein (’76), Charles G. Blaize, Jr. (’98), Honorable Frances M. Bouillion (’87), G. Dallon Bush (’04), John O. Charrier, Jr., Brigid Collins, Mary Cryar (’95), Billy Coe Dyer, Frank Fertitta (’67), David G. Galyon, Anna L. Garcie (’97), Vance A. Gibbs (’82), Honorable William A. Gowan, Honorable George C. Hanks, Jr., Helen Popich Harris, C. Frank Holthaus (’75), Reeve G. “Jay” Jacobus, Jr., Willie Johnson, Jr., Honorable James R. Jordan (’86), LaToya D. Jordan (’10), John A. Kehoe, Honorable Daniel Knowles (’78), Honorable Hans J. Liljeberg, Madeline Lee (’90), Yul D. Lorio (’90), Omar K. Mason, Christopher O. Massenberg, Honorable Michele Morel, Ronald Oran, Michael D. Patterson, John D. Person, George H. Robinson (’74), Honorable Ronald J. Sholes, Sharon D. Smith, William Sommers, Laranda Moffett Walker (’07), Edward J. Walters (’75), Honorable Laurie A. White, Robert T. Veon, and Matthew S. Zeiger.