Junior Associates Selected for LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources

The LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources is pleased to announce the junior associate articles selected for publication in Volume II.  Congratulations to the following students whose hard work and dedication to legal scholarship at LSU Law will be displayed in the Journal in the coming year:

Noah Baker, How Long Do We Have? The Applicability of the Suspension Doctrine for Louisiana Mineral Leases in Light of  Ferrara v. Questar;

Cavarrio Carter, System Check: Evaluating the Appropriate Means for Achieving Balance Between the Necessity for Natural Resources Exploration and Texas Landowner Rights;

Sam Crichton, Strategic Retreat: A Proposed Response to Evasive Energy Company Tactics following the Shale Boom-and-Bust;

Joe Ellison, Renewing the Budget: Recommendations for Louisiana’s Renewable Energy Tax Credit;

Zachary Howser, A Binding and Perpetual Obligation: Protecting Louisiana’s Sixteenth Section Land as a Natural Resource;

Spencer King, Clearing The Air: The Misguided Ruling of EME Homer and The Future of Interstate Pollution Regulation;

Brian Lindsey, Shady Grove on the Bayou: Louisiana’s Procedural Limitations on Legacy Oil Suits in a post-Shady Grove Orthopedic Associates, P.A. v. Allstate Ins. Co. Landscape.

The Journal of Energy Law and Resources is a student-edited academic journal focusing broadly on energy and its relationship to other areas of law. The JELR was created to promote the study of energy law and the effects of technological innovation on a local, national and international level.