Law Students Contribute Notes and Essays to Journal of Civil Law Studies

The current issue of the Journal of Civil Law Studies (Volume 5, Number 1) marks the inauguration of a new Civil Law in Louisiana section, with case notes on the recent decisions of Louisiana courts, written by LSU Law students under the supervision of their professors.   Mark Assad, Brian Flanagan, William Gaskins, Taylor Gay, Sarena Gaylor, Chelsea Gomez, Bill Hudson, Daniel Lee, and Joseph Stanier Manning are our first student-authors, with John Tarlton who contributes our first Student Essay.

“For the Louisiana legal community, this is highly valuable information on important recent cases dealing with civil law matters,” said Professor Olivier Moreteau, Director of the Center of Civil Law Studies, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Civil Law Studies. “For our LSU Law students, this is a great opportunity to test their civilian skills, identify and discuss recent evolution. With limited time involvement, they can have the experience of having a note published in a professional journal circulated all over the world.”

The Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS) was established in 1965 to promote and encourage the scientific study of the civil law system, its history, structure, principles, and actualities. Its purpose or mission is to facilitate a better understanding and further development of the private law of the State of Louisiana and other civil law jurisdictions, particularly those of continental Europe and Latin America, through theoretical and practical activities, such as publications, translations, sponsorship of faculty and student exchanges, visiting scholars, seminars, and lectures.