LSU Law Hosts State Party Leaders For Presidential Election Conversation

L to R: Prof. Jim Garand, Sen. Dan Claitor, Rep. John Bel Edwards (’99), Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chancellor Jack Weiss, and Prof. Bob Mann

The LSU Law Center welcomed leaders from the state Republican Party and the state Democratic Party on October 23 for Democrat and Republican Perspectives: A Conversation About the Issues in the Presidential Election. 

Senator Karen Carter Peterson and Representative John Bel Edwards (LSU Law ’99) represented the state Democratic Party, while Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain and Senator Dan Claitor represented the state Republican Party.  LSU Professors Bob Mann and Jim Garand moderated the conversation which included discussion about the economy, health care, the budget, and social issues.

“Our students were treated to a wide ranging and lively discussion of key issues in the presidential campaign. I hope that they found the discussion as stimulating and informative as I did,” said LSU Law Center Chancellor Jack Weiss. “The Law Center should be a hub for discussing the important legal, political, and social issues of our day.”