LSU Law Class of 2015 Arrives on Campus

A new chapter began for the approximately 200 students that make up the LSU Law Class of 2015 as they arrived on the Law Center’s campus August 9 to begin a two-day orientation.  The orientation program introduces the students to the inner-workings of the professional law school environment.

Jake Henry, Director of Admissions, and Vice Chancellor Ray Diamond welcomed the students who secured a spot for the 2012-13 academic year among more than 1,400 applicants.  The class boasts strong ties to Louisiana, while also representing a geographically diverse group of students.  The students represent some 69 colleges and universities, and 20 states.  The median age of the class is 23, with the youngest just 20 years old.  Women make up 44% of the entering class, and racial minorities account for 27% of the class.  Among those in the Class of 2015 are undergraduate athletes, first generation college graduates, teachers, a semi-professional athlete, professional rodeo cowboy, and a sheep farmer. 

During the orientation program students participate in discussions on the law school experience from both a faculty and student perspective, attend mock classes, learn of the many student services available at the law center, and attend a student organization fair and reception.  Financial aid counseling is also available.  One of the highlights of the orientation is the Professionalism Program presented by members of the Louisiana State Bar Association Committee on Professionalism.

Welcome, Class of 2015!

View photos from orientation.