Chancellor Appoints Professors Smith and Diamond as Vice Chancellors

Chancellor Jack M. Weiss has announced two key administrative appointments at the LSU Law Center:

  • N. Gregory Smith, the Professional Ethics Professor of Law, will serve as Vice Chancellor for Finance/Business Affairs.
  • Raymond T. Diamond, the Jules F. and Francis T. Landry Distinguished Professor of Law, will serve in the newly created position of Vice Chancellor for Faculty Development and Institutional Assessment.

Professor Smith assumed the Vice Chancellorship previously held by Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz who became the Dean of Stetson University College of Law on June 1, 2012.  Vice Chancellor Cheney Joseph will continue to serve as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Professor Smith will oversee the financial and business affairs of the Law Center, including preparation of the budget, interaction with student organizations concerning financial matters, management of the buildings and physical plant, and approval of faculty and staff support expenditures.

In the new position of Vice Chancellor for Faculty Development and Institutional Assessment, Professor Diamond will be responsible for encouraging and enhancing the teaching, scholarship, and service of the faculty. He also will oversee various assessment and evaluation functions, including the Law Center’s assessment of its success in meeting students’ educational needs. As Vice Chancellor, he will serve as the “point person” for dialogue with the various agencies and constituencies that monitor and evaluate the Law Center’s educational performance and that of its students.

“Professors Smith and Diamond both enjoy the strong respect and esteem of faculty, staff, and students,” said Chancellor Weiss. “In the past year, Professor Smith served as Chair of the Admissions Committee, elected Chair of the faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee, and as a member of the elected faculty Executive Committee. Professor Smith also was a member of the committee on Continuing Legal Education, reflecting the wide recognition he has gained as a marquis speaker on Professional Responsibility, and the committee on Academic Support. He was selected “Professor of the Year” for 2011-12 by the student body.”

Since his return to the Law Center only a few years ago, Professor Diamond has held many important leadership roles in the school and has been recognized repeatedly by his faculty colleagues. In 2011-12, Professor Diamond served as Chair of the Curriculum Committee, as a member of the faculty Appointments Committee, and as an elected member of the Promotion and Tenure Committee. Professor Diamond was elected to the faculty Executive Committee for 2009-10 and served as the elected Chair of that committee for 2010-11.

The appointments were approved at the June 8, 2012 meeting of the LSU Board of Supervisors.