LSU Law Students Achieve State’s Highest Passage Rate on July 2011 Bar Exam

LSU Law Center students achieved the highest passage rate among all examinees on the latest Louisiana State Bar Exam, according to results released today by the Committee on Bar Admissions of the Supreme Court of Louisiana.

LSU Law students continued their traditional first place passage rate, with 86.5 percent of examinees receiving passing scores on the July administration of the Bar.  In all, 164 LSU Law Center students took the exam, and 142 successfully passed the Bar.

The 2011 exam marks the 22nd time in the past 23 years (for which data are available) in which LSU Law graduates have compiled the highest passage rate on the Louisiana Bar Exam.

“The overall pass rate of LSU Law students on the State Bar Examination is once again the highest in the state, and our 86.5% passage rate is high by any measure,” stated Chancellor Jack Weiss. “This year’s impressive performance is a tribute both to the Class of 2011 and to the dedication of our outstanding faculty in providing the Class with the skills and knowledge needed for today’s legal practice,” Weiss said.   

Bar passage is required before graduating law students may practice in Louisiana. The results, released by the Committee on Bar Admissions, include the percentage of examinees passing the Bar who graduated from the state’s public and private law schools and the percentage passing who graduated from out-of-state law schools.

Results on the July 2011 Bar Admissions for overall passage by all examinees are as follows:

All Test Takers
July 2011

School # Applicants Passed Conditioned Failed
LSU 164 142 (86.5%) 15 (9.2%) 7 (4.3%)
Loyola 171 119 (69.6%) 35 (20.5%) 17 (9.9%)
Southern 127 79 (62.2%) 19 (15.0%) 29 (22.8%)
Tulane 98 77 (78.6%) 14 (14.3%) 7 (7.1%)
Other schools 190 121 (63.7%) 36 (18.9%) 33 (17.4%)
Total 750 538 (71.73%) 119 (15.87%) 93 (12.40%)

The report on bar passage rate.