Class of 2012 Continues Hats ‘n Canes Tradition

On Saturday, October 1, the Class of 2012 continued with a tradition that began in 1930, the annual Hats ‘n Canes celebration.  The graduating class gathered on the front steps of the Old Law Building sporting black top hops and carrying black canes, as Vice Chancellor Cheney Joseph toasted the class using the cane of the Law School’s first dean, Joseph Kelly.  In another nod to tradition, 3L President Robert Elliot Duhon had the distinct honor of wearing the black top hat that belonged to the namesake of the LSU Law Center, Dean Paul M. Hebert.

In the earliest years of Hats ‘n Canes, seniors carried black canes with curved handles and silver bands engraved with the student’s name, year of graduation, and the words, “The LSU Law School.” A Reveille article announcing the 1930 event stated, “Walking canes will be carried, flourished, and brandished” [as a] “badge to distinguish law seniors.” 

View the class of 2012 Hats ‘n Canes.

Historical reference: W. Lee Hargrave. LSU Law: The Louisiana State University Law School from 1906 to 1977.