Class of 2014 Arrives on Campus

August 12, 2011 – The Class of 2014 arrived on the LSU Law campus yesterday for a two-day orientation, “making the transition from backpacks to briefcases,” remarked Chancellor Jack M. Weiss as he welcomed the class. 


Jake Henry, Director of Admissions, greeted some 241 students, one of the largest and most diverse classes in the history of the LSU Law Center. “This year’s applicant pool was very competitive, and the Law Center received more than 1,400 applications in an attempt to secure one of the seats that you are occupying right now,” said Henry.

The class boasts very strong Louisiana connections, while also representing a geographically diverse group of students from around the country and the world, according to the Director.  Students represent some 93 different colleges and universities, and 23 different states.  The median age of the class is 23, and within the class are undergraduate campus leaders, collegiate athletes, business owners, first generation college students, teachers, nurses and firefighters, an Olympic weightlifting medalist, coaches, and veterans.  

The orientation program introduces students to the inter-workings of the professional law school environment.  Students participate in discussions on The First Year Experience in Law School, Professionalism, mock classes with LSU Law faculty members, instructional technology, student life, and financial aid.   

“The faculty at this outstanding law school will fully prepare you for the practice of law, but this faculty also wants to imbue in you the higher calling of the law,” remarked the Chancellor.  “Honor and integrity are not antique virtues.” 

The program concludes with a series of discussions on Professionalism, presented by members of the Louisiana State Bar Association Committee on Professionalism. 

Welcome, to the Class of 2014! 

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