The LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center has been ranked 18th in the final 2010 rankings of Best Value Law Schools published by Pre-Law Magazine.

In August, a representative of the magazine informed the Law Center that it had been ranked 5th in the annual Best Value law school rankings. This information was erroneous, but the Law Center unknowingly relied upon it in announcing its new Best Value ranking on the Law Center website and in a press release.

Pre-Law Magazine has apologized to the Law Center for the error in communication.

Jack Weiss, LSU Law Chancellor, said, “We are disappointed to have received and been put in the position of passing on erroneous information. Nevertheless, our #18 ranking still marks us as one of the nation’s best values in legal education. We are honored to be the only one of Louisiana’s four law schools ranked in the top 20 among Best Value Law Schools.”

Law schools are honored if they meet four criteria, according to the publisher: 1)  their bar passage rate is higher than the state average; 2) their average indebtedness is below $100,000; 3) their employment rate nine months after graduation is 85% or higher; and 4) tuition is less than $35,000 a year for in-state residents.

For more information, contact Karen Soniat, Director of Communications, at or 225.578-8645.