LSU Law Launches Landmark Survey of “What LSU Lawyers Do”

Starting August 30, 2010, the LSU Law Center will launch a landmark survey of its more than 8000 living alumni. The survey will develop empirical information showing in depth what LSU Law graduates do, what law school subjects they use most in their work, and what skills and education LSU law grads need to succeed in their careers. 

“As we shape our program of study,” said Chancellor Jack Weiss about the survey, “it is critical that we find out how what we are teaching relates to the challenges our graduates actually encounter in the world beyond law school.”

“It is one thing to speculate about the tools that our students will need after law school and quite another to gather detailed data showing what our alumni really are doing. Our survey will span the spectrum of post-law school careers, from large firms to small firms, government service to corporations to public interest work, major cities to small towns,” said Weiss.

“I hope that as many of our alumni as possible will take the few minutes necessary to complete the survey,” Weiss added, “and to do so as thoughtfully as possible. The data we obtain through the survey is vitally important to planning for the Law Center’s future.” Weiss said that the Law Center would distribute the results of the survey to its alumni community after the survey data have been analyzed. 

Developed in collaboration with the LSU Public Policy Research Laboratory, the survey seeks input from LSU Law graduates on what courses have proven most valuable in their careers and how they use knowledge gained from an LSU Law school education in their day-to-day work.  “We want an honest assessment so we can assure we are producing graduates with the skills, knowledge, and preparation necessary to succeed in the complex environment of the 21st century,” Weiss said. 

The survey will be distributed electronically to those graduates with email addresses on file with the Office of Alumni Relations.  A number of graduates without email addresses will receive letters detailing how they may access and respond to the survey.

For more information, contact Kirby Goidel, Director of the LSU Public Policy Research Laboratory, at 225/578-7588 or