LSU Law Library Ranked #5 Best in the Nation

The LSU Law library has been ranked among the top five best law libraries in the nation. The National Jurist magazine rankings were released in late March, and the LSU Law Center’s top ranking placed it ahead of many elite public and private law schools. A photo of the library also appeared in the article titled, What Makes a Great Library.

The rankings used a variety of factors, including volumes, titles, number of seats per student, number of students per librarian, and the hours of operation. The editors compared all 198 ABA-approved law schools based upon the most recent data provided by the schools to the American Bar Association.

“A law school cannot excel without an exemplary library and modern technology,” said Chancellor Jack Weiss. “Resources really matter and directly impact the quality of the legal education we provide.”    

Dragomir Cosanici, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Library Director, was interviewed for the article. Cosanici discussed library technology and the future of instructional delivery and reference availability. 

“Software programs such as Skype now allow lectures to be delivered online. We also have a variety of programs that allow students to answer questions or provide feedback instantly while in the classroom. ” He predicted that “cloud computing” will become much more prevalent.  Reference materials will be increasingly available via the Internet, providing instant accessibility from any computer.  Cosanici also feels that multinational materials will become much more available, with free access likely.

“The LSU Law library has been a source of pride among students and graduates.  We’ve been fortunate in the past few years to be able to adequately staff our library and to re-establish our holdings following some very lean times,” concluded Chancellor Weiss.  “We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to continue our support in the coming years.”