High School Students Participate in “Discover Law Day”


“Major in something you’re passionate about, and then transfer that passion to law school,” advised Scott Sternberg, President of the LSU Law SBA. Sternberg, along with Lynell Cadray, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, welcomed some 50 high school students from throughout the region to Discover Law Day, a national minority high school symposium sponsored through the Law School Admission Council’s Discover Law.org Campaign. Freddie Pitcher, Chancellor of the Southern University Law School, and Raushanah Hunter, SBA President for Southern, also greeted the students.

LSU Law and Southern Law students led a variety of sessions designed to expose the high schoolers to life in law school. Pick 6 Jury Game, Law Jeopardy, and Revising Your Legal Argument were activities designed to expose prospective students to legal education. Professor Randall Trahan, the Louis B. Porterie Professor of Law at the Law Center, conducted a Mock Class for attendees.