Services Held for Boyd Professor of Law Saúl Litvinoff


Saúl Litvinoff, Boyd Professor of Law at the LSU Law Center, was laid to rest on Saturday, January 9. Litvinoff taught at the Law Center for more than 43 years. He was a master of the civil law and one of the true giants in the history of the Law Center.
Chancellor Jack M. Weiss and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Cheney C. Joseph, Jr. (’71) paid tribute to his life and work through their eulogies.
Cordell H. Haymon (’68), whose family donated an endowed professorship in honor of Professor Litvinoff, also delivered a personal tribute to his late friend and mentor.
Funeral services were held at Greenoaks Memorial and Funeral Home and attended by faculty colleagues, former students, friends, and family. In addition to his present LSU colleagues, among those present were former colleagues Professor Emeritus Athanassios Yiannopoulos; Symeon C.  Symeonides, Dean of the Williamette University College of Law; John V. White, Dean of the William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ron Scalise, Professor of Law, Tulane University Law School; and Cindy Samuels, Professor of Law, Tulane University Law School.

Remarks by Chancellor Weiss

Remarks by Vice Chancellor Joseph

Remarks by Cordell H. Haymon