Law Review to Honor Professor Kalinka

“The Louisiana Law Review is pleased to announce that Issue 1 of Volume 70 is dedicated to the late Professor Susan Kalinka” said Christopher K. Odinet, editor-in-chief. “Not only was Professor Kalinka an excellent teacher, but also a prolific scholar. Her publications ranged widely in matters of state and federal taxation, and she was always working on the next idea even while putting the finishing touches on her latest piece. The Louisiana Law Review is grateful and proud to have had the privilege and honor of having Professor Kalinka serve on our faculty advisory committee and of publishing several of her exemplary pieces,” he concluded.

Issue 1 focuses on developments in labor and employment law, with particular emphasis on the Employee Free Choice Act now pending in Congress. The issue is opened by Stanford law professor and former NLRB chairman William B. Gould IV, followed by a lineup of other prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of employment and labor relations.

Louisiana Law Review