Students Weigh In On Curricular and Policy Changes: Participate in Town Hall Meetings

LSU Law students were given an opportunity to ask questions about the impact of proposed curricular and policy changes during a series of town hall meetings conducted by Chancellor Jack Weiss. Representatives of the Student Bar Association’s (SBA) Academic Committee were present during the meetings to answer questions regarding the SBA’s position on the proposed changes. The student committee submitted a white paper to the administration prior to the vote of the faculty at their long-range planning retreat. The paper, titled “Improving the Academic Experience at the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center,” provided a summary, facts, and a policy position on grading, attendance, exams, and course taking options, among others.

“The white paper played a significant role in the discussions with the faculty,” said Chancellor Weiss as he addressed students during the town hall gatherings.  Meetings were held for all three grade levels during October and early November.

The white paper was developed under leadership of SBA Executive President Scott Sternberg, and 2L SBA Academics Chairman Hunter Chauvin.  Other members of the committee were Keith Fernandez, 3L; Amy Gardner, 3L; Laura Wilhite, 2L; Morgan Kelly, 2L; Landon Roberts, 2L; David Bruce, 2L; Abby Bergeron, 2L; and Beaux Jones, 2L. “These simple, yet necessary changes will attract high quality students and benefit faculty and students alike,” said committee members.

SBA white paper