Hats N Canes Tradition Continues at LSU Law

LSU Law 3Ls and their family members gathered on Saturday, Nov. 14 on the steps of the Old Law Building to continue the annual tradition of Hats ‘n Canes – a tradition that began in 1930.

The soon-to-be graduates sported their black hats and canes, while Chancellor Jack Weiss toasted the class. He offered his congratulations and special thanks for the hard work and significant accomplishments of the Class of 2010.

In the earliest years of Hats ‘n Canes, seniors carried black canes with curved handles and silver bands engraved with the student’s name, year of graduation, and the words, “The LSU Law School.” A Reveille article announcing the 1930 event stated, “Walking canes will be carried, flourished, and brandished” [as a] “badge to distinguish law seniors.” 

The celebration each fall is a highly anticipated right of passage for LSU Law graduating law students. The event was organized by 3L President Mike Smith and 3L Vice President Hanlon deVerges, with assistance from the Office of Alumni Relations.  

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Historical reference: W. Lee Hargrave. LSU Law: The Louisiana State University Law School from 1906 to 1977.