LSU Law Students Achieve State’s Highest Passage Rate on July 2009 Bar Exam

LSU Law Center students achieved the highest passage rate among all examinees on the latest Louisiana State Bar Exam, according to results released October 9 by the Committee on Bar Admissions for the Supreme Court of Louisiana.

Students continued their traditional first place passage rate, with 90.9 percent of examinees receiving passing scores on the July 2009 administration of the Bar. In all, 154 LSU Law Center students took the exam, and 140 successfully passed the Bar.

“We are very proud of the strong showing of our graduates on this latest Bar Examination. Their preparation and hard work, coupled with the support of our faculty, has produced a talented group of young lawyers who are ready to hit the ground running,” said Jack M. Weiss, LSU Law Chancellor. “The results confirm our belief that the demanding, yet personal legal education offered at LSU Law, prepares our students well for the competitive global marketplace.” 

“The Bar results also show that we are continuing to pay very close attention to our core Louisiana program as well as expanding our national and regional horizons,” Weiss said.

Bar passage is required before graduating law students may practice in Louisiana. The results, released by the Committee on Bar Admissions, compare percentage of examinees passing the Bar among the state’s public and private law schools and out-of-state colleges.

Results on the July 2009 Bar Admissions for overall passage by all examinees are as follows:

JULY 2009

LSU 154 140 (90.9%) 10 (6.5%) 4 ( 2.6%)
LOYOLA 182 122 (67.0%) 26 (14.3%) 34 (18.7%)
SOUTHERN 115 67 (58.3%) 22 (19.1%) 26 (22.6%)
TULANE 115 87 (75.7%) 16 (13.9%) 12 (10.4%)
OTHER 171 95 (55.6%) 31 (18.1%) 45 (26.3%)
TOTAL: 737 511 (69.3%) 105 (14.3%) 121 (16.4%)

 The report on bar passage rate .

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