Law Center Celebrates International Law Week

The International Law Society (ILS) at the LSU Law Center held its first International Law Week September 14-18. All events, including a presentation of international law opportunities at LSU Law, practice of international law, and human right and peace, were well attended by members of the ILS, law faculty, and the student body.

At he opening event John Bihm and other ILS officers addressed the different options when focusing on international law. LSU Professors William Corbett, Robert Lancaster, Lee Ann Lockridge, and Scott Sullivan described the international dimension of their teaching and Professor Olivier Moréteau presented the study abroad opportunities offered at LSU.

On Tuesday, Southern University Professor Nadia Nedzel presented Practicing International Law, and on Wednesday, LSU Political Science Professor David Sobek addressed Human Rights and Peace: How Domestic Behavior Relates to Actions Abroad. Many students interacted with both speakers, and interesting questions and comments were raised.

The events were completed on Thursday with a well-attended LLM & ILS Student-Faculty Mixer. The LL.M. candidates were introduced to the faculty and students, and lively discussions extended throughout the evening.

The ILS received support from Chancellor Jack Weiss, the Student Bar Association, and the Center of Civil Law Studies.