Louisiana Law Review Holds Annual Banquet

The Louisiana Law Review held its annual banquet on March 27, 2009, celebrating the successful publication of Volume 69 of the review. Chancellor Jack Weiss welcomed the 130 attendees with warm words about the contributions the Law Review has made to the LSU Law Center. The guest of honor at the event was Symeon C. Symeonides, dean of Willamette University College of Law and former Judge Albert Tate Professor of Law at LSU, who delivered remarks on the value of student-run law reviews. Symeonides humorously acknowledged the criticisms levied at law reviews, but explaine

d why student-run publications remain important, influential mediums for legal scholarship.

During the banquet, a number of Junior Associates on the Law Review received honors for their contributions to the publication. The Vinson and Elkins award for the most outstanding comment or note went to Keith Joseph Fernandez for his note titled Be Quick-But Don’t Hurry:  Competing Purposes of the Federal Arbitration Act and Hall Street Associates v. Mattel.  Receiving the Henri Capitant award for the best paper on a civil law topic or comparative law topic with an emphasis on the civil law were Irina Fox for her paper titled Penalty Clauses in Testaments: What Louisiana Can Learn from the Common Law, and Elizabeth A. Spurgeon for her paper titled All for One or Every Man for Himself? What’s Left of Solidarity in Redhibition? Finally, Christopher K. Odinet received the W. Lee Hargrave award for the most outstanding service to the Law Review.

Michelle Shamblin was also recognized for her article, Silencing Chicken Little: Options for School Districts after “Parents Involved,” which won the 2009 Scribes Law-Review Award. 

At the end of the banquet, the Board of Editors for Volume 69 transferred power to the Board of Editors for Volume 70. The Board of Editors for Volume 70 includes: Editor-in-Chief, Christopher K. Odinet; Managing Editor, Sarah Perkins; Articles Editor, Matthew C. Juneau; Executive Senior Editor, Casey E. Faucon; Production Editor, Sarah Cable; and Senior Editors, Kelly E. Brilleaux, Keith Joseph Fernandez, Carmen T. Hebert, and Gina Palermo.

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