Update Your Directory Information Today

Many of you may have already been contacted via email to update your information for our new LSU Law Alumni Directory. The directory will contain complete listings of all alumni from LSU Law, including e-mail addresses, professional, and personal biographical information.

The Law Center has entered into an agreement with Harris Connect, LLC to update contact information, search for lost alumni, and produce the directory.  The directory will be produced as a service to the Law Center, while Harris will offer the directories to LSU Law alumni for purchase.

In the next week or so, you should receive a postcard from Harris Connect/LSU Law, asking you to call a toll-free number at your convenience to update your information.  Those of you who have already submitted your information electronically at the Harris website will also be invited to call to verify your selections.

The format of the directory follows a basic style utilized by Harris Connect for other law schools and universities. Alumni are asked to select from a standard categorical list of practice areas. Please note that if you are not currently practicing law, or your field of law is not offered as an option, the best choice for you may be to select “No Code Available,” then fill in your occupation in the area denoted for “job title/occupation.” Please fill in the name of the business in the area denoted “firm name.”

It has been almost 10 years since our last alumni directory was published.  The new directory will help you to stay in touch with fellow LSU Law grads, while also helping the Law Center to better communicate with you. We encourage you to update your information, and appreciate your participation in this worthwhile project.