December 2008 Special Year-End Issue Faculty/Staff News Items

  • Professor Paul Baier was interviewed by NPR’s All Things Considered concerning the 5th Circuit Court and its handling of the Albert Woodfox case. For more information, click here.
  • Professor Christine Corcos has been invited to join the editorial board of the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law / Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique, a peer-reviewed journal published by Springer.
  • Professor Alain Levasseur and Law Librarian Vicenc Feliu updated the book Moreau Lislet: The Man Behind the Digest of 1808. The book was featured in a book review by The Advocate.
  • Professor Olivier Moreteau presented a paper on Recodification in Louisiana and Latin America at a Tulane International Colloquium commemorating the Bicentennial of the Louisiana Civil Code. The paper, co-authored with Agustín Parise, Research Associate at the Center of Civil law Studies (CCLS), will appear in the Tulane Law Review. Together with Claitor’s Publishing Division, the CCLS published a second volume in the newly created Bicentennial Series. After the Essays in Honor of Saúl Litvinoff published earlier this year, Richard Kilbourne’s A History of the Louisiana Civil Code, first published in 1987, is again available as Vol. 2 in the collection. This comes as a complement to the Digest Online, also a publication of the CCLS, making the Digest of 1808 (the ancestor to the present Louisiana Civil Code) accessible to the whole world.
  • Agustín Parise, LSU LLM 2006 and Research Associate at the Center of Civil Law Studies, is the first recipient of the Cueto Rúa Award, created this year by the Argentine Association of Comparative Law in honor of the late Professor Julio Cueto Rúa. Cueto Rúa, a prominent scholar in Argentina and Spanish-speaking countries, taught at LSU and wrote leading texts on the common law and civil law.

    Parise received the award for his paper on the importance of comparative law scholars and law libraries for the understanding of the law, focusing on Gustavus Schmidt, a 19th century scholar who created the first law journal in Louisiana. The ceremony took place at the National Academy of Law and Social Sciences of Argentina in Buenos Aires on December 16. The Academy is a hall of fame for LSU—Professor Litvinoff was inducted into the Academy in that same place in summer 2007.