December 2008 Faculty/Staff News Items

  • Professor Paul Baier’s retrospective portrait, Of Judicial Freedom and Judicial Restraint: The Voice of Louisiana’s Judge Albert Tate, Jr., was published in 35 Southern University Law Review, No. 2, Spring 2008. The Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (David S. Tanenhaus ed., Macmillian USA) was published at the end of October 2008 and includes two essays by Baier, Edward Douglass White and The White Court.
  • In connection with the state supreme court elections, Professor John Baker, along with Jason Dore, published a widely distributed monograph entitled The Louisiana Supreme Court: Making Policy or Interpreting the Law. Related to the publication, he served as a panelist on a WLAE-TV program interviewing candidates for the supreme court and also provided commentary on WWL radio in New Orleans. Baker also participated on a law review symposium panel at Cooley Law School addressing “the War on Terror.”
  • Professor Alain Levasseur recently presented a paper on the CISG, or Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, in the United States at a meeting of the International Academy of Comparative Law in Mexico City.
  • In October of 1993, Professor Edward Richards founded the LAWPROF Internet discussion group for law professors. One of the first law discussion groups, and the first devoted to law teaching, LAWPROF celebrated its 15th Anniversary this October. LAWPROF was a pioneer in electronic communications in the law school world. Several of the major electronic resources for law professors, such as SSRN and JURIST, were assisted at their onset through LAWPROF. LAWPROF currently has about 750 subscribers, with the majority in the United States, but with members at law schools throughout the world. Richards also runs ADMINLAW, the Internet discussion group for administrative law teachers.