Latest Information – Hurricane Gustav – Sept 2

Dear Students, Staff, and Colleagues:

Hopefully this finds all of your safe and sound albeit in some cases greatly inconvenienced. 

I am writing from my office to provide you with a brief update on the situation here at the Law Center.

There appears to be no serious damage to our building. We have lost a few small trees and there are tree limbs down in the parking lots but as far as we can tell the building—exterior and interior– is in good shape.

Power has been restored to our building as of a short while ago. Both our e mail server and our website are now up and running. Please continue to follow the LSU main campus emergency information site at for further instructions and updates. There is a link to that site on our Law Center home page.

I will be meeting with President Lombardi, Chancellor Martin, and other university officials later in the day to discuss next steps and a timetable for reopening. For now the building and the Law Center remain closed through Wednesday and all non-essential personnel are requested not to return to campus. We will try to resume classes just as quickly as it is safe to do so and all of you can reasonably make it back to campus.
As soon as I have further information to impart, I will be back in touch. For now, be safe and… try to be patient. Let’s be thankful that the LSU community seems to have come through this as well as it now seems we have.

Cordially, Jack Weiss