Diverse Class of 2011 Enters LSU Law Center

This fall’s incoming class is not only a slightly larger group, but a more diverse one as well. The Class of 2011 numbers 211, up 10 students from last year. In addition, 16 percent of the class is either African American, Asian American, American Indian, or Hispanic/Latino—an increase of 6 percent from last year.

The majority of the first-year class is male (120 men to 91 women) and from Louisiana (159 residents to 52 nonresidents). Also, 20 states and one foreign country are represented, as well as 68 colleges and universities.

Then there are other facts and figures, which don’t necessarily fit established categories, yet still reflect on the makeup of the incoming class. For instance, seven students finished their undergraduate work with perfect grade point averages. Thirty-two graduated summa cum laude and 14 earned advanced degrees. Eighteen students were varsity athletes and one is a professional golfer. Several still, have experience working on political campaigns.

“I know I speak for the entire admissions committee when I say that we are proud of the job we did in admitting the class of 2011,” said Kenneth M. Murchinson, the James E. and Betty M. Phillips Professor. “We have three new students who have completed service with Americorps and one with the Peace Corps. We have representatives from all four military services, including a navy fighter pilot for whom ‘flying upside down at 600 mph just inches from [his] wingman was daily routine.’ In short, the Class of 2011 is one of the most talented and diverse we have ever had at LSU.”

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