Chancellor Weiss Appoints Pietruszkiewicz to Vice Chancellor Position

Chancellor Jack Weiss has announced the appointment of Christopher Pietruszkiewicz as Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs.

Chris Pietruszkiewicz, the J.Y. Sanders Professor of Law at the Law Center, brings an impressive resume to his new position as vice chancellor—a position vacated by Glenn Morris after 11 years of service. Morris stepped down from the position of vice chancellor July 31, 2008 to resume his full-time teaching career.

“Chris is not only a respected member of our faculty, but also has been recognized by his peers regionally and nationally for his leadership. He has a strong commitment to continuing to enhance our programs and our competiveness. I look forward to working closely with Chris as vice chancellor,” said Weiss.

Pietruszkiewicz earned his J.D. from Loyola University in New Orleans and his LL.M. from Georgetown Law Center. After law school, he served as attorney/advisor to the U.S. Department of Education’s chief administrative law judge and was instrumental in the design and implementation of the first agency-wide Informal Dispute Resolution Center.

He then moved to the Department of Justice, where he said he truly enjoyed the responsibility of litigating on behalf of the United States.

“The Department of Justice was wonderful. I still stay in touch with my
former colleagues and look forward to seeing them every time I get back
to Washington,” Pietruszkiewicz said. “It was rewarding to be able to
try and reach the right answer (while working there.) If the IRS was
wrong, we would try to fix it. I recognized that I was representing not
only the government, but all taxpayers.”

At the same time, he was teaching a course on corporate taxation at the
George Mason School of Law as an adjunct faculty member.
Pietruszkiewicz became interested in becoming a full-time faculty
member and was soon recruited by LSU Law Professor Lucy McGough and
former faculty member John White through the Association of American
Law Schools. He officially joined the LSU Law faculty in 2001.

Among his many honors, Pietruszkiewicz has the distinction of being the first untenured president of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools, or SEALS. Under his leadership, SEALS expanded its ongoing commitment to new scholars by adding several New Scholars Workshops and establishing a mentor program.

Pietruszkiewicz hopes to have the same success during his tenure as vice chancellor.

“I think my role is to work with the faculty and the chancellor to accomplish all of the things that we want to accomplish,” Pietruszkiewicz said. “We have to look at what we have done and access our long-range planning goals over the next year and a half.”