LSU Law Center professor named to International Continental Law Council, one of 12 foreign appointees in the world

LSU Law Professor Alain A. Levasseur has been appointed as one of 12 foreign members—each one coming from a different civil law jurisdiction—to the Scientific Council of the Fondation pour le droit Continental, or Foundation for Continental Law.

The Council—also made up of 10 French members who include professors, notaries, judges, bankers and corporate officers—is the “brain” of the Foundation, acting as a breeding ground for future programs, projects, publications and initiatives in the fields of research and education in the domains of law and economics.

Levasseur, the Hermann Moyse, Sr. Professor of Law, is the only appointee from the United States. He is also the director of the Law Center’s European Studies Program, the associate director for the Center for Commercial and Business Law’s International Studies Program and the Jean Monnet Chair in European Community Law.

Since arriving at LSU in 1977, Levasseur has been no stranger to the international law community, serving as a visiting professor on numerous occasions over the last 26 years at the University of Montreal, the Universite d’Aix-Marseille III in France, the Universite de Louvain La Neuve in Belgium and the University of Paris.

The Foundation for Continental Law embodies the intent to expand the international influence and claim of international law in the context of increasing competition between the major legal systems, among which the “common law” system has become a vehicle aimed at acquiring larger shares of the world market.

The Foundation is involved in more than 20 projects worldwide, conducting translations of texts, documents, and reports in six languages. It also sponsors many publications such as yearbooks of legislation, jurisprudence and scholarly writings.