LSU System President John Lombardi Addresses Young Alumni Leadership Council

“LSU is in the game, and we must compete in that game,” said John Lombardi, president of the LSU System. Lombardi addressed the Law Center’s Young Alumni Leadership Council at its May 10, 2008 meeting. The advisory group convened for its second meeting since being appointed by LSU Law Chancellor Jack Weiss in 2007.

With straight talk, Lombardi candidly discussed issues that impact top-flight, national research universities. Among the biggest concern is, “competing for the best faculty, students, grants, and even facilities,” said the president. “You don’t get points for anything other than quality.” The same is true for law schools, according to Lombardi.

As a researcher, Lombardi found that 75 percent of the differentiation between top research universities can be attributed to money. “You’ve got to have the dollars to drive performance. Money matters; performance counts; and time is the enemy.”

He discussed his plans for growth of the main campus and emphasized the importance of outreach to recruit students.

Lombardi was named President of the LSU System in 2007.