Chancellor Jack Weiss Welcomes Class of 2010

LSU Law Chancellor Jack M. Weiss greeted 200 first-year LSU Law students at orientation held today on the campus of the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center. Thursday marked the first day of the two-day orientation program held each year for entering students.

The newly appointed LSU Law Chancellor challenged students to conduct themselves with honor and integrity as they face the challenges of their legal education and future practice. “Honor and integrity are not antique values. They are values that infuse every deed and every word of what the best lawyers do,” said Weiss. “Above all else, you have come to a law school whose faculty throughout the hundred years of our existence has wanted to imbue you with a clear sense of the higher calling of the law.” Evoking the memory of Law Center greats Dean Paul M. Hebert and Judge Alvin B. Rubin, Weiss encouraged the class to, “not just think big about the fabric of the world around us, but to do something about it.”

“You have made the transition from backpacks to briefcases,” said the chancellor. “In a very real sense, we begin this journey together, you and I. As the first freshman class in my first semester as chancellor, there will always be a special bond between us.”

Welcoming remarks of Jack M. Weiss