Tucker Lecture Holds 34th Annual Series

Professor Helmut Koziol was the guest lecturer for the thirty-fourth annual Tucker Lecture held at the LSU Law Center recently. A speaker of international prominence, Professor Koziol spoke on Punitive Damages: A European Perspective.

Koziol is Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Vienna and Director of the European Center of Tort and Insurance Law. A distinguished civilian, he has devoted much time and talent to civil law scholarship. He has published numerous books and articles, is the editor of the Austrian law journal, Bank-Archiv, and a member of the board of editors of the German review, Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht. Most recently, Koziol received an honorary doctorate from the University of Innsbruck.

Having lectured in China, Eastern Europe, Korea, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States, Koziol recently presented European Principles of Tort Law at the American Association of Law Schools annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

The LSU Law Center’s Tucker Lecture Series is held each year in honor of Colonel John H. Tucker, jr., a notable legal scholar and philanthropist. Professor Olivier Moreteaú, Director of the Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS) and Russell B. Long Eminent Scholars Academic Chair, guides the series. The CCLS was established in 1965 to promote the study of the civil law system – its history, structure, and principles. The mission is to facilitate a better understanding of civil law jurisdictions in Louisiana and continental Europe and Latin America. The CCLS also promotes legal education by sponsoring foreign students who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to study a mixed legal system and American students who wish to expose themselves to other legal systems.