Dr. Pierre Loiseau of Quebec Completes LSU Law Distinguished Global Visitors Program

Dr. Pierre Loiseau, adjunct faculty at the University of Laval in Quebec, was in residence at the Law Center through March 15.  Teaching Health Cost Control vs. Medical Liability: A Comparative Law Perspective, Professor Loiseau showed how cost and liability impact one another.  In the context of medical law and using a multidisciplinary approach, he discussed whether American managed care can be translated to improve the French health system.  France has tried to mix profit-oriented managed care with socialized medicine and in doing so, the legal context was largely ignored, according to Loiseau.

The Law Center’s Distinguished Global Visitors Program annually attracts an elite cadre of the world’s leading figures in bijural and comparative law scholarship. Figures from around the globe journey to Baton Rouge to offer courses ranging from three weeks to an entire semester. Whether law professor, dean, judge, or practicing attorney, each brings his or her own distinct global perspective, which enriches the experience of law faculty and students alike.

Loiseau holds two doctorates, one in medicine from the University of Paris and one in law from the University of Perpignan Law School.

Loiseau has gained international medical experience in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He was a resident in Pathology/Legal Medicine at Morgantown University Hospital in West Virginia and taught at the University of Montpellier Medical School and has taught civil law seminars at the University of Perpignan Law School and Fundamentals of Law and Comparative Legal Systems at the University Laval Law School. In addition to his doctoral dissertation in law, Loiseau published an article titled Criminal and Civil Liability: Some Thoughts on American Malpractice in Gazette du Palais. He is currently preparing a paper on Welfare vs. Healthcare: the Notion of the Elderly Sick in France and in Quebec.