Law Center Professors Develop Text for Tort Law Study

LSU Law professors have combined with two other law professors to produce a unique textbook for the study of tort law, and to save incoming first-year students a significant amount of money.

In the past, LSU law students studied Torts I through the use of a national casebook, supplemented by a Louisiana Torts casebook produced by Professor Frank L. Maraist. Professor Maraist and other professors now have combined to produce a unique torts casebook that focuses on Louisiana law but also provides the student with an introduction to the general common law of torts prevailing in the United States. The result is a single volume that places proper emphasis on Louisiana tort law and results in a total saving in book costs for the entering freshman class of approximately $20,000.

Participating with Professor Maraist as co-authors of the new casebook are LSU Law Professors Bill Corbett, John Church, and John White, Dean Tom Galligan of the University of Tennessee Law School, and Professor Tom Richard of the Southern University Law Center.