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Professor Olivier Moréteau, the Program Director, Christabelle Lefebvre, the Program Coordinator, and the LL.M. Class of 2017 welcome you to apply to our LL.M. in Comparative Law, one of the best gateways to American Law and Practice. Visit our Admission page, and do not hesitate to contact us and request a Skype meeting with the program director, coordinator and/or students.

As part of the Introduction to United States Law class, Professor Moréteau invited three State Judges to present on criminal justice in Louisiana and the United States, sharing on their experience as judges, prosecutors, and also adjunct professors at the LSU Law Center, with our international law graduate students. The late Professor Cheney Joseph used to coordinate the event, and this year’s session brought his memory to the classroom.

The Law Center thanks Judge Doug Moreau, Judge Lou Daniel (19th Judicial District Court), and Judge Guy Holdridge (Louisiana Court of Appeal, 1st Circuit), who appear left to right on the photo, for their participation to what happened to be an animated, spirited, and at times passionate conversation, bringing comparative and cultural perspectives.

On September 27, LL.M. candidates had an opportunity to meet with the faculty and mix with student members of the International Law Society and Hispanic Law Student Association, sharing happy moments.

On August 5th, 2016, Prof. O. Moréteau and Christabelle Lefebvre accompanied the five new LL.M. candidates to New Orleans for a team-building and sightseeing tour, including a visit to the Louisiana Supreme Court and the Louisiana Law Library, in the splendid court building at 400 Royal Street. The visit of the Rare Books Room is always a highlight!

‘Father Chief Justice’ E.D. White, the only Louisianian who ever sat on the U.S. Supreme Court, welcomes the group at the court entrance at 400 Royal Street, New Orleans

Brandon Wright, Assistant Librarian at the Law Library of Louisiana, introduces the LL.M. candidates to the sometimes unique volumes kept in the rare books collection

4th Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Roland L. Belsome welcomes the delegation to the historical court building

French students travel all the way to Louisiana to hold an original copy of the Napoleonic Code (Code civil des Français, 1804)

Our three French candidates looking for article 1382 in the original: the excitement is palpable

Questioning looks

The new Louisiana Supreme Court? After all, they are seven!

Hail to the chief! In front of Chief Justice Bernette J. Johnson’s portrait

Five international students arrived last week for the LL.M. in Comparative Law, starting with a two-week orientation class. This is the first LL.M. group to be taken care of by Christabelle Lefebvre (Montreal, Canada), new Coordinator for the Center of Civil Law Studies and International Program.

From left to right, Christabelle Lefebvre (LL.M. Coordinator), Nils Langensteiner (Stuttgart, Germany), Sebastian Telecan (Cluj, Romania), Audrey Michenaud (Nantes, France), Clarisse Baugier (Aix-en-Provence, France), Prof. Olivier Moréteau (LL.M. Director), Sixtine Bonnard (Lyon, France).

From top left: Nils Langensteiner (Germany), Sebastian Telecan (Romania), Clarisse Baugier (France), Prof. Marlene Krousel (LSU), Sixtine Bonnard (France), and sitting, left to right, Christabelle Lefebvre (CCLS & International Programs Coordinator), Audrey Michenaud (France).